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Communities everywhere are constantly changing. The Government wants local communities to take more control of their own lives, to say what they want doing (or not doing) in their own neighbourhoods and to engage with other organisations to get it done. We cannot prevent change but we can try to influence it. Parish or Community Plans help our community to make change happen in a way that we want.

Parish Plan

The Parish Plan lays out a shared vision for our community over the next 10+ years and it contains a detailed action plan for achieving this vision. In participating in this process Aylburton has defined the issues to be tackled. The process that has been followed for this plan has been largely defined by ACRE (Action for Communities in Rural England), the umbrella organisation for Rural Community Councils of which the Gloucestershire Rural Community Council (GRCC) is a part, and has evolved over several years picking up on the good points of previous plans.

The plan is available to download here in Adobe PDF format. Click on the link to open or download it.

Aylburton Community Plan

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