Covid-19 Outbreak 2020

There is an Aylburton Volunteer Group of helpers who can help those self-isolating by running errands such as getting groceries and picking up prescriptions. To request help or to sign up as a volunteer, contact Mark Topping on 01594 840086 / 07779 262592 or Steph Lord on 01594 845561 / 07595 719524

Gloucestershire Community Help Hub: or call  01452 583519. 

Up-to-date government advice:

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2 months ago

Handy tips for home working

2 months ago
Alvington Parish Council Information

FoDDC-owned car park charges have been suspended until at least the end of April

2 months ago
Gloucestershire County Council

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister on the evening of Monday 23 March that everyone should stay at home to save lives, we have closed all household waste recycling centres with immediate ... See more

2 months ago
Forest Hub will be posting useful updates including anyone helping out with providing meals and offering other support.

Connecting our Community. Your complete guide to the Forest of Dean and Wye valley including community news, sports, events, leisure activities, jobs, education, business listings & general ... See more

2 months ago
Gloucestershire Constabulary

Gloucestershire's Community Help Hub connects local people who need help, with individuals, groups and businesses who can provide the support they need. If you need help or would like to be involved ... See more

2 months ago
Lydney Dial-A-Ride & Community Transport

We understand that the Co-op's in Lydney, Coleford & Cinderford will be offering a GOLDEN HOUR for the elderly in our communities. This will take place between 9:30am and 10:30am Monday to Friday. If ... See more

2 months ago

Some helpful numbers - please share on here, and consider whether you can share with a neighbour who isn't on Facebook.

2 months ago

Please help to protect the elderly and vulnerable in the community.

2 months ago

Coronavirus (COVID-19):
A note from the Chair of the Council

Dear parishioners,

In these unforeseen and uncertain times may I take a moment to ask everyone to be a little more neighbourly and ... See more

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In extreme conditions such as heavy snow and flooding in the parish, there is a possibility that the emergency services may not be able to reach the scene immediately. In such circumstances, the initial response may rely entirely on local people. To co-ordinate such activity, some councils have formulated a Community Emergency Plan to help their community to prepare for an emergency and reduce its impact. The idea is that local communities may know about particular hazards and problems that affect an area, be aware of individuals who might need assistance in an emergency, and have access to people, resources or buildings that allow them to respond more effectively to specific incidents.

Who should I contact in the event of an emergency?

The Emergency Plan for Aylburton is contained within the Lydney Town Council plan.

Can I volunteer my help?

Aylburton Parish Council is always looking for volunteers who are willing to help implement the parish’s emergency plan and assist with communication and distribution in the event of an emergency, to liaise with the emergency services and to act as a resource with regard to specific aspects of the plan. If you would like either to volunteer your services or to request further details of how you can be of assistance, please contact us. (If your offer of help is specifically during Covid-19, see the top of this page.